Georgia is so Much..

In the travel industry, there is, at times, too much of a focus on the city of Atlanta and its environs. Anytime a tourist picks up a guidebook or visits a travel website, they learn all sorts of things about Atlanta but not much at all about the remainder of the state.

Ignoring the rest Georgia is a mistake. The state has a lot to offer the world besides the “ATL.” So, here are some of the best of the rest.


This town, located less than two hours from Atlanta, is home to the University of Georgia. Residents spend Saturday afternoons watching the hometown Bulldogs crush their foes on the football field.

Journalists consistently rate Athens one of the top party towns. There are bars and clubs seemingly on every corner in the downtown area along Broad Street.

Savannah and the Coast

For much of Georgia’s history, Atlanta played a secondary role to the bustling port city of Savannah. It was only after the Civil War that Atlanta became the thriving urban metropolis we know of today.

Savannah deserves more attention than it receives. Any visitor who takes a ride on one of the river boats through the harbor will know why so many people still love this city.

The coastal region also offers the serene preserve of Cumberland Island. Wild horses roam freely along the beaches here in what remains a place unspoiled by modern conveniences. It is no wonder that JFK, Jr., chose Cumberland as the setting for his fairy-tale wedding.

The Southwest Agricultural Region

Farming remains a major occupation in this area of rolling plains and red clay. Peanuts, cotton and peaches are some of the popular crops.

Do not forget the pecans! There is nothing that tastes better than the pecan pie prepared in the family-owned diners of Albany.

Appalachian Mountains

Northern Georgia is the southernmost part of the Appalachian Mountain range. Taking a drive through this area during autumn as the trees change into their vibrant orange and red colors is a visual treat.

See the Rest of Georgia

As shown here, there is definitely much more to Georgia than Atlanta. Visitors should get out and see other areas of the state.

While in the state, staying connected is important. So, anyone in or outside Atlanta should consider purchasing one of Georgia’s best HughesNet Plans for their internet needs.

The best of both r..

It seems that even with the downturn in growth in the rural town of Carrigaline, the population has continued to expand. New school buildings can be seen going up in anticipation of an expanding educational need.
Bramble Cottage offers up the best of both rural and urban life. 12 kilometers from Cork city and within commuting distance of Ringaskiddy this 1990s brick building has generous proportions in all of the rooms. From the roomy 31 x 15 foot master bedroom to the smallest of the 4 bedrooms measuring 12 feet by 10 feet there are many options on how these rooms could be used. For a family or an individual wanting a nice home office this home is a treat.
A Stanley range in the kitchen heats the water as well as the central heating. Hardwood maple flooring graces some areas in the cottage accented by recessed lighting and Victorian fireplaces. The interior might need a makeover unless the older style suits the prospective owner. Water charges are eliminated with a deep bore well on the property.
Located on two-thirds of an acre it has large gardens that may need some initial attention. These are by no means high maintenance formal gardens. Planted 15 years ago the mostly shrub and low maintenance lilac bushes, strawberries, Korean pines, beech trees and a 35 foot grape arbor lend a very old rural feel to this property.
The proximity of choice swimming spots and beaches of Cork is a big selling point as is Nohoval Cove which is only three kilometers from the door. The scenic views from the cottage extend to Newfoundland Bay and the Cork coastline.
This property would be perfect for anyone wanting the best of both worlds. A family could enjoy a large area to play with the family pet with room to picnic in the back yard. An individual could find this an enchanting escape; a refuge from the fast paced place that this world has become. One could also plant an enormous herb garden if one desired. There is still plenty of room to add desired plants along side of the shrubs and trees already in place.

Top Online Busines..

Leadership course is a multidisciplinary academic field of study; it focuses on leadership in organizational contexts in business, professional and other related fields. Below is a well detailed list about top online business leadership courses.

Masters in leadership and Organizational Development degree.

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Organization development equips one with project and strategic planning skills, interpersonal development focuses on mentoring and collaborative learning while personal development helps one in being innovative and making ethical decision.

Master of Arts degree in Organizational Leadership.

This course if offered in Gonzaga University, this is an interdisciplinary online course that combines disciplines such as communications, social sciences, humanities , business and arts. This curriculum is well designed to expand student’s ability of solving innovative problems, thinking creatively and have an inspirational leadership; a student with ability to think creatively is able to solve a logical problem that calls for proper thinking.

Masters of Science degree in Organizational Leadership.

This is a 33 hour program offered online by Quinnipiac University; it focuses on three essential areas for growth and development: interpersonal communication Leadershipskills, using and understanding how to use data to improve performance, ethics of leadership and strategic analysis and implementation.

Master in Management and Organization Specialization in Leadership degree.

This program is offered online by University of Denver’s Business School, it prepares students for upper management roles in private and public sectors via an advanced understanding of how to deal with interpersonal dynamics and change implementation.

Classes are conducted during the day, evenings and online one can thus attend classes any time even at work place since online learning is available.

Masters of Science in Administration with a specialization in Organizational Leadership.

This course is offered online by university of South Dakota, it is a cross-disciplinary course that provides one with necessary skills and tool s to effectively perform an administrative role in a public oriented organization.

This degree is designed in such a way that it enhances leadership skills of administrators from different sectors; this course is both practical and theoretical and thus equips student well with administration role.

Masters of Liberal Study degree.

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